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November + December. September 1, 2013

Here is photo collage to sum up the rest of 2012. It was filled with reuniting with old friends, going out, game nights, visiting family, work, poker, doggies, training with the Cohort, a kitchen gadget engagement shower, work on Christmas, a horrible attempt at burrito making, Rock Band, and my last day at the theater. I ended the year with twenty-three pairs of Chuck T’s, and brought in the new year by bowling with Chris and friends.

November + December 2012.


October. January 1, 2013

So, it’s obviously been quite some time since I’ve found the time to write my blog. So, for October I’ll just be posting a photo collage that sums up the month. [going out to eat, Auburn football, two conerts, relaxing, studying, shopping, class, puppies, the fair, Bible study, junk food, FUN.]



September. October 1, 2012

I was checking up on my page and realized I haven’t written a single thing in September! And since today is the last day of September, I thought I should post something. But what? How about just a good ‘ole life update. Sound good? Cool.

Well, life has been going pretty grand. Since I’m an elementary education major, I’ve been teaching in an elementary school three days a week. I absolutely love it, and my sweet students remind me why I went into this profession. Your job should make you happy, and teaching definitely does that for me. I love those kiddos. It’s crazy because I don’t even mind having to get up at SIX IN THE MORNING because I know it’ll be a great day. Getting up for class, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Speaking of class, I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I’m shooting to graduate as Summa Cum Laude, which is the highest form of honors at my University. I have to get a 4.0 this semester to get that though, which is gonna be rough. I’ve been working super, super hard though, and it looks as if my goal may be within reach! I would love to be able to put that on my resume and see those ropes hanging in my office. I really hope to get it, only to make myself proud.

As far as the social aspects of life go, that’s going pretty awesomely as well. My fiance and I have 208 more days until our wedding! How exciting is that? Ah, I can’t wait. He is just so perfect for me; it’s unreal. My family is doing great, too. I went home this weekend and got to see my parents, Chris, Jessie (my sweet doxie), and my mom’s parents! It was a fabulous weekend filled with family and fun. God has blessed me so much, and I am so thankful for Him in my life. I also get to see my friends on a weekly basis! We have this “Tuesday Night Dinner” thing we do to make sure we all see each other at least once that week. I’m so happy we do that because there is nothing like spending a couple of hours enjoying time with friends. Melanee and I also Skype every other week! Although we wish she were able to make it TND! My education Cohort has been good to me, also. They threw me a shower last week! It was so thoughtful. I am so happy to be part of Cohort C, which is the best one around. Ask any of our professors; they love us 🙂 Also, I joined the University’s Relay for Life committee! I am so excited to be on the committee and help create a world with more birthdays! We had our first meeting last week, and I met my “family” in the Survivorship sub-committee! It’s going to be a great year with them, and I can’t wait til April for the event!

All in all, life have been great.


You Gotta Get With My Friends April 22, 2012

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That’s a Spice Girls reference, in case you didn’t know. But it’s true. My friends are awesome. In the past two weeks I have been able to hang out with my three different circles of friends. It was pretty grand. Let me tell you about my three different crowds.

First, there’s my friends at college. Obviously I get to see them all the time, but I’ve seen them four times in the past two weeks! And everyone got to come out to our WND (Wednesday Night Dinner) this past Wednesday! That rarely happens, so it was great. On Easter, several of us had a Beatles Rock Band night. Then there was that week’s WND when we Skyped with my best friend in the whole world, Melanee. Then there was WND where every single one of us were there, besides Melanee, of course, since she switched schools. Then Friday, we did Relay for Life! I’ll have a whole post dedicated to that later.

Next, there’s my Carmike crew from work. It was Alicia’le’s birthday last week, so we went out! It was great. I don’t work there any more as of exactly a week ago, but I still gotta hang out with them as much as possible! I made lots of great friends working there. I’ll definitely have to stay in touch. Our night out was complicated at first, but it ended with some 90’s music at the bar, and that was fantastic (that would be what inspired this post). I forget how much I love 90’s pop music until I hear it outside of my own vehicle, and I start flipping out singing at the top of my lungs. Don’t judge.

Lastly, there’s my friends from high school. I have two really great friends, Taylor and Vivi, who go to college two and half hours away from mine, so I don’t get to see them but a few times a year. Not this weekend, but last, I made a trip up to see them. It was so fun. They go to my college’s rival, and I went to their scrimmage game. Couldn’t really get into that, haha. But I was a good sport the whole time! I saw another one of my guy friends up there as well as many of Tay’s and Viv’s friends up there. I wish I could go up there every weekend! I definitely do not see them enough.

So, the point this post is to say that I love my friends, and God has blessed me with some pretty great people. Now, this was just about my friends. My family and my boyfriend Chris are amazing, too, but I tell them that all the time. I don’t tell my friends enough how much I appreciate them. I love you guys, thanks for everything each of you do for me! I am so thankful for the great friendships that I have and have kept for so long.


This isn't from the past two weeks, but it's the only picture that I have with all eight of us in it!
From left to right: Katelyn, Me (standing on the table, like always), Alex, Chris, Courtney, Justin, Zach, and Ian!


Here is the few of us from Carmike who went out for Alicia's birthday! It's not quite everyone, but it's a lot of us!


Viv and Tay! Miss them WAY too much!