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Really, Dude? April 19, 2016

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“Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child.”
— Tina Brown

“Really, Dude?” would be the newest phrase that has been uttered in our household. Whether it’s because he spit up on his outfit we just changed him into, sprayed a fountain of pee all over himself (and me, the wall, in his bath water…), or passing gas in Chris’s lap like it’s going out of style, this seems to be the most appropriate response. But then there are all the other special moments in between the “Really, Dude?”s. The ones where I just watch him sleeping so preciously. When he grabs hold of my shirt while I’m cuddling him. The little smile he gives, even if it’s on accident. These moments make all those other ones worth while. There was one night we had friends over to watch a movie. B was incredibly fussy for some reason. I ended up holding him and rocking him and missing 80% of the movie. But somehow I didn’t mind. This motherhood feeling really takes over and the things that used to matter don’t seem as important anymore.


Being a mom is not something you can really prepare for. And thank goodness for that, because I did not feel prepared at all! I don’t do babies. Never have. But being with B and taking care of him, it’s surreal. I am so thankful to God that he provides this amazing relationship and bond that comes with these perfect instincts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making this sound like it’s all a fairy tale. I’ve been overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, and incredibly emotional over our past four week with B (four weeks, what?!). However, all those lows come with the highs. It’s cliche, but I really wonder how my life ever felt complete without him. He takes up a special place in my heart that only he can occupy.


This Tina Brown quote said it best. Seeing Chris as a dad has made my love for him transform. He is a perfect father. He’s already talking up his baseball skills and working out his legs and arms. He may get peed on 8/10 times he changes the diaper, but he is still happy to do it. He’s patient. Loving. Tender. I know that he and B will have great times together.


I’ve also got to take a moment to shout out to our amazing family who has been a gigantic help. I have the utmost respect for single parents, because I don’t know what I would do without being able to call one of B’s grandparents or great-grandparents for some help! Some days I just need some extra Z’s, and I know they’ll help make sure that happens. Thanks for all you do for us and B! We are truly blessed.


All glory goes to the Most High! Praise God for the newest addition to our family.


The Married Life. October 16, 2013

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“Well, I won’t give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I’m giving you all my love”
“I Won’t Give Up” Jason Mraz

For those who are unmarried, let me give you a heads up: everyone will ask you, “How’s the married life?” for, as far as I can tell, at least five months. I have been asked this question many, many times. My usual response is, “It’s great,” or something along those lines. But if these polite people wanted my true answer, they’d be listening to me for a while.

There’s the cliche “waking up to your best friend” business, which, don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely on the list of what makes ‘the married life’ great. But it’s so much more than that. I am constantly saying, “it’s the little things.” Because it is. That phrase has never meant as much to me as it has in the past five and half months. What makes the married life great? It’s when he watches one more episode of The Office with me and misses the first twenty minutes of the Red Sox game. It’s when he makes me a pb&j because I just think he does it so much better than me. It’s when he tells me to buy the Cosmopolitan magazine that I’m staring at while we’re waiting in line at Wal-Mart. It’s when he randomly reaches for my hand. It’s when he comes home and surprises me with gummie bears or gas station hot dogs (trust me, that’s more romantic than it sounds). It’s when he answers all my clueless baseball and football questions when he watches a game. It’s when I come home to find the living room neat or the dishes put away. It’s when he works super hard to make sure to use the right towels in the kitchen, because they all have a specific job. It’s when he does all of these little things and so many other big things that he does on a daily basis.

So, in case you haven’t already picked up on things, the married life is truly amazing, and I could not ask for a better man to share this crazy life with. Thank you for being such an amazing husband, Chris. You are my world.


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”
– Mignon McLaughlin

“Look around
There’s no one but you and me
Right here and now
The way it was meant to be
There’s a smile on my face
Knowing that together everything that’s in our way
We’re better than alright”
“Between the Raindrops” Lifehouse


My Future Husband. July 8, 2012

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“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”

— Maya Angelou

Our first real date at the zoo! One month before our first kiss/anniversary. June 6, 2009.

Well, after dating for exactly three years, Chris proposed to me! On July 6, 2012, which is our three year anniversary, Chris asked me to marry him!!! He told me to close my eyes, then when he said to open them, the ring was in his hand and he said, “Will you marry me?” I said “YES!” immediately! I’m so happy I can now call him my fiance! It’s so exciting! We hope to get married on our anniversary next summer! We’ll see how that works out. I’ve written something for three of the most important people in my life, but I’m missing one more, which would be Chris, of course. So, Chris, this one’s for you.

Picture for our one year! Crazy how long ago that was. 2010.

Chris, my boyfriend fiance, my other half, my love, my heart, my everything. I love you more than words can express. I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and I’m happy we’ve taken the next step to our life together. You are such an important part of my life, and I have absolutely no idea where I’d be without you. You have helped me get through so much that I’ve gone through, and I couldn’t think of a better person to encourage me along the way than you. You’re so perfect for me. God wanted us to be together, and I know that for a fact. Our first meeting each other was fate, and I’m so thankful God picked you for me. You’re the best, and I’m so thankful for all that you do for me. Thank you for always holding my hand when we’re together. Thank you for letting me cry over little things and being patient with me when I have my moments. Thank you for your support in everything I do and know that I support you in everything, too. I love how I can tell you everything. I trust you with all my heart. I feel safe with you. You push me to do my best. You’re amazing, and I honestly could not think of a better person to spend the rest of my life you. You’re my best friend, my soul mate, and the smile on my face. I love you.

Pictures for our two-year anniversary. I adore this picture so much. 2011.

I cannot wait to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you! I wish I could explain how much I love you. Thanks for everything. You’re the best. Can’t wait to spend forever with you.

On our three year anniversary, before you asked me! July 6, 2012.

And how could I forget! Here is my ring 🙂