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October. January 1, 2013

So, it’s obviously been quite some time since I’ve found the time to write my blog. So, for October I’ll just be posting a photo collage that sums up the month. [going out to eat, Auburn football, two conerts, relaxing, studying, shopping, class, puppies, the fair, Bible study, junk food, FUN.]



Kids Say The Darndest Things. August 4, 2012

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In case you are unaware, I work at the local YMCA as a day camp counselor. As you can imagine, working with kids from 2-12 (I work at the preschool also) can be quite entertaining. At the beginning of the summer I was keeping a good record of what the kids have said, but I’ve slacked lately. Since I only have a week left working with them, I thought I might could put a smile on your face by sharing the few quotes that I did remember.

1: do you believe the world will end in December?
me: no.
1: why do people say that?
2: because that’s when the Mayan calendar ends.
3: no it doesn’t; i have a 2013 calendar.


my worse nightmare has been realized, the ice cream truck has left.


(earlier in day #1 tried to bring me a spider, i said i didn’t want it because i was scared of spiders)

2: do you have a boyfriend?
me: i don’t know…
1: she probably doesn’t because she’s afraid of spiders.


last week my mouth hurt, and i don’t know why. but it hurt.


at night, i go to bed and fall asleep and my mom tries to wake me up but she can’t.


i hit me chin with a bowling ball in Delaware.


you should be allowed to tell someone they’re mean and you don’t want to be their friend without having to lose happy points.


is it a myth that when the sun is shining and it’s raining that that means the devil is beating his wife?


1: my mom really likes Keeping Up With the Kardashians
me: yeah, me too. i know i shouldn’t watch it, but i do.
1: yeah, you shouldn’t


called a chipmunk a “chicken munk” (preschooler)


i’ve always wanted to touch an alligator on the butt and see what happens.


I can’t share pictures of the kids, but here’s some with counselors.


Hey There. March 29, 2012

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I’m not quite sure which attempt number this is, but here goes yet another for a blog. I honestly really enjoy blogging. I mean, I document everything that is humanly possible to document in some way, e.g., videos, photos, quotes, Facebook check-ins, so I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to keep up with writing a blog. So, with my passion for documenting life, I am trying once again.

This time around won’t be as much like my previous blogs. Hopefully I can add a little more incite on life here. Or just randomly update on how my life is going, which is more likely to happen. But, hey. I’m trying, aren’t I?

So here’s to giving things another go! Wish me luck!

Yay, for wet hair and lazy days.
P.S. Eight inches of this hair will be cut off today at 4:15 PM.
Hope you're as ready as I am.