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Thank You Cards June 30, 2016

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“Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.” –Bernard Malamud

In the past few weeks, I have lost two great uncles who were both Veterans. I didn’t have anything to write this when it came to my mind, so I rewrote it the best I could. 

I dedicate this poem to my Uncle Jerrell and my Uncle Lee. 

I wish I could send you a Veteran’s Day card

As I’ve done only once in the past. 

I would have sent you so many more 

If I had know the first would also be the last. 

You served our country and made sacrifices you didn’t have to make.

Some things you did, I cannot even fathom.

So that you could fight for freedom

So people like me could have them. 

What I would do to share one more laugh or hug with you,

Even though I know that it wouldn’t be enough.

Because when you come to mind,

I think of much more than just a family member I love. 

You remind me of honesty, respect and loyalty-

just to name a few. 

You even served in the Vietnam War,

So I think of bravery, too. 

I wish I could tell you thank you again, 

But this time I wouldn’t just send a letter.

I’d cry in your arms and tell you I love you,

And I would cherish that moment forever. 

Thank you to all of our Veteran’s.